2 - 3 years

This is an exciting time for our toddlers who are moving from babyhood to a more independent, mobile world of a preschooler.  At Poppyview, we help provide manageable challenges in a relaxed environment that two to three year olds need. Our skilled staff understand the frequent changes in moods, interests, and capabilities and provide calm, consistent care and supportive teaching.


Our toddler room has a variety of different learning opportunities available through creative play, music, and active and messy play as well as social mixing.


Toddlers are given opportunities for physical co-ordination, imaginative play, colouring and drawing and independence. They enjoy helping us with the garden, planting seeds and watching them grow into plants.  We also love going out for walks, visiting the library and playing at the beach.


Language skills are encouraged and developed through singing, language games and individual conversations. Our toddlers are given the opportunity to safely move around and play indoors and out in the garden. 




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At The Local Park