Frequently Asked Questions

What items do I need to bring to the Centre for my child?


You need to bring very little with you in addition to what the Centre already provides. However, here are some suggestions:

  • Changes of clothes - in case of accidents. (Plenty of spare clothes if potty training is in progress). 

  • Comforters or dummies - that your child may need throughout the day. 

  • Sun hat in the summer and hat, gloves, scarf, wellies and waterproofs in the winter - even if it is cold we will still be going out on trips, nature walks and out to play in the garden. We ask you to provide sun cream if the one we use is not suitable for your child.

  • An old t-shirt - would be great for any art and craft activities, as children do tend to get very messy.  We will be using aprons during these activities but cannot guarantee your child’s clothes staying clean throughout the day.  

  • Please label all your child’s clothes.

Do I need to arrange a visit before my child starts?


  • We recommend that you follow a settling in procedure before your child starts with us at the Centre.  The settling of a parent and child into Centre life is a very important process.  The number of visits will depend on you and your child’s needs.  Some children may take longer to settle into a new environment than others. We will arrange two visits lasting 1 hour each and after the second visit discuss further your child’s needs.  The first visit is a good opportunity to spend some time with staff in the room to discuss your child’s routine and any other relevant information.  At the second visit we will encourage you to leave your child in the room for a short time.  You are welcome to have a tea/coffee during this time, so you are still close by if your child needs you.

What is your sickness policy for infectious and contagious diseases?


  • One of our key concerns is the health and well-being of the children and staff at the centre. Inevitably, there will be incidences of sickness amongst children and adults alike.  In order to minimise the risk of infection, we have produced a guideline of the more common infectious diseases and the incubation and exclusion periods that are associated with each condition.  Although we appreciate it can be very frustrating sometimes, the exclusion period from the centre following an infection is meant to safeguard others in the centre as well as to ensure that the child returning to the centre following sickness has had ample time to recover.

What if my child does not like the meals on offer?

  • Menu choices will be offered to all children taking into account their dietary requirements as advised to us (vegetarian, lactose free, wheat free, gluten free etc) and also taking into account each child’s ability to chew and digest food that is not in a liquid or pureed form. Apart from the information in the care plan, please let us know as your child progresses if there are any changes to dietary needs.  Alternative options can be made available, fresh fruit or yogurts can also be offered as alternative.  We make every effort to minimise or eliminate additives, preservatives and pre-processed ingredients.  We welcome any suggestions from parents, carers and staff on ways to improve our menu.