Our Rooms

Our rooms have been carefully designed to offer dedicated play areas for each age group. They are well laid out and offer an excellent range of resources to support early learning and education.  Our rooms are split into two areas:

Room 1 - Babies

Rooms 3/4 - Toddlers

Rooms 5/6 - Pre-school

Out of School Club

Our Garden


Our garden is a particular feature of the Centre being more than 90sqm in area, well equipped and secure all round.


In line with the best practices contained in the Curriculum for Excellence the garden is an extension of the indoor play and learning environment, where children can choose activities that engage them. The safety surfacing has allowed us to create an all weather playground to burn off some of that excess energy.


We have areas that provide additional shade on sunny days, a variety of musical instruments and other interesting areas where children can explore and enhance their creativity. 


We have an area where children are able to enjoy digging, planting, sand and water activities. They love cooking and baking in the mud kitchen, jumping on the trampoline and looking after the insects in the bug hotel.


Fun in the garden.jpg
Story Time
Sand Pit Fun.jpg