Another Busy Week at Poppyview.....

The end of another busy week at Poppyview….

The Holiday Club have enjoyed some action packed days out to The Glen, beach, swimming pool, Ravenscraig, Wemyss Caves, Park, Methil Heritage Centre - they have also baked some tasty cakes and made a hearty pot of soup.

Area 1 have been making some summery handprint pictures - which are on display within the area for us all to enjoy.

Room 4 have had an extremely busy week and have made full use of the garden regardless of the weather - after all we've had a right mixed bag this week. They went from wearing shorts and sandals on Tuesday to wellingtons and weather suits on Wednesday.

Rooms 5/6 children were very curious about our extreme weather that we experienced this week, asking lots of questions about why we get thunder, what the noises mean and where the lightening strikes come from. Their questions were answered with the use of information books and Google.

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